Know More About Us

iVoiceUp empowers top management with an overview of the entire organization on an unified compliance and ethics case management platform that fosters a culture of compliance, protects brand reputation and cut financial losses through detecting inappropriate incidents such as fraudulent activity, corruption, misconduct, sexual harassment, misuse of company assets, etc... in return, iVoiceUp allows the admins to handle/investigate cases properly and in a timely manner using advanced team collaboration features and generate data analytics to identify the business areas in need for development.


The human factor and errors are eliminated through an end-to-end workflow process automation.


Employees can submit complaints without revealing their identity empowering them with freedom of expression.


iVoiceUp connects users directly to upper management through a one-to-one communication channel.

Our Mission

Establishing a user-friendly, cross-platform and reliable communication channel between stakeholders and organizations that allows the latter to easily and precisely identify the areas in need for development, oversee and resolve all cases as well as exploit brilliant ideas.