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Prevent, Protect
and Prosper

iVoiceUp is the first and leading whistleblowing platform in the MENA region facilitating a safe and seamless anonymous communication with your employees and stakeholders for Compliance, HR or culture purposes.

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Why iVoiceUp

  • Detect and Resolve
    Critical Cases

    Act swiftly and save millions; thanks to documented and highly intelligent investigations that enable you to expose cases of corruption and minimize compliance risk. There is a crucial role that internal reporting plays in uncovering and addressing issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Prevent
    Unwanted Incidents

    Whether it's addressing instances of fraud, harrassment, or dealing with health, safety, and environmental incidents, we are committed to supporting you in thoroughly examining, investigating, and resolving cases. The mere existence of iVoiceUp in your organization reduces unwanted cases by 62%.

  • Protect
    your Company at Large

    Be it your reputation or organizational culture, protecting your brand image is at the heart of the platform. Taking a proactive role in encouraging positive stakeholder behavior and swiftly addressing internal problems helps in mitigating reputational risk.

  • Optimize
    Operational Processes

    Handle more cases in less time - that is our promise to you. iVoiceUp is very easy to use for both reporters and investigators alike, and is available in over 60 languages, making it accessible to nearly any stakeholder saving you Compliance and HR overheads to work on other tasks.

  • Promote
    Stronger Engagement

    Introducing a virtual Open Door policy, our user-friendly platform offers a foolproof solution to foster a culture of regular expression of concerns and suggestions. With our guaranteed formula, members can feel confident in sharing their thoughts, knowing that their anonymity is protected and their input is valued.

  • Unlock
    the Power of Data

    In-depth and comprehensive analytics, equipping you with valuable insights to identify and develop areas within your business that require attention. Through geographical heat maps, you gain a clear and visual understanding of the regions with high reporting activity. This enables you to prioritize and investigate those areas further, ensuring that critical matters are thoroughly addressed.

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Global & Community Reach
Work and grow better with award-winning support and a thriving iVoiceUp community.
Empowered employees
Increase in satisfaction
Reduction Negative publicity
Decrease in Employee Turnover


Don’t worry, you’re in good company!

iVoiceUP Logo

CFI appreciates the dedication of iVoiceUp, professionalism and creativity to help us focus on enhancing the quality of our services.

Mahmoud Bassiouny

Chief Executive Officer


Partners of Success

Our valuable partners work with us hand in hand to achieve our vision and mission by expanding our outreach, together we are giving a voice to everyone in the workplace and helping organizations save millions of dollars and improving their work culture.

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