Listen, Investigate, Take Action

Listen to stakeholders, investigate cases, analyze how certain issues can be avoided in the future.

Using the Platform

From cases as severe as faulty products and health & safety to employees complaining about unfair practices in the office.

Product Features

a powerful, feature rich case management solution


A full fledged case management system enabling stakeholders to report cases of any type through a series of intake channels


A smart interactive chatbot acting as an additional intake channel maximizing data collection from reporters bases on their input.

Case Tracking & Messaging

Users can view the status of their cases or chat with the investigator anywhere at the ease of their fingertips.

Evidence Management

Stakeholders can upload screenshots and/or voice recordings, or any other type of evidence directly on to the form to support their case.

Virtual Assistant

An interactive bot assisting investigators with handling cases using the industry best practices & tips.

Team Collaboration

Automate case routing, prioritization, and assign tasks between investigators for thorough investigations.

Alerts & Notifications

Receive alerts and notifications regarding high priority cases and/or pending unresolved issues.

On-demand Reports

An option to extract customized analytics reports for e-mail or presentation purposes.

Analytics & Dashboards

Reveal critical insights and identify key areas of improvement using interactive dashboards and KPIs tailored specifically to your business needs.

Voice Recording

An option for reporters to record their voice anonymously to file cases and report incidents.

Device Compatibility

iVoiceUp is cross-platform compatible, multilingual to accommodate all stakeholder nationalities and educational levels.

Form Builder

iVoiceUp allows the administrator to build, customize and configure forms easily and independently to suit your business needs.

A quick glimpse

Simple UI

Simple UI.

A modern, sleek intuitive design to navigate easily inside the platform, no time wasted fiddling around with confusing menus.