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A Few Steps And You Are Ready To Go

We make it easy for both informants and managers and let the system do the hard-work. The platform is equipped with multiple user-friendly communication channels. This enables management to identify and handle cases efficiently and encourages informants to communicate in the language and format most comfortable for them.
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The Process Is Simple Like That
Detect, Handle and Analyze.


Multiple reporting channels allow stakeholders to report anonymously and easily. With text, voice recording and digital attachements, the platform is compatible with any device and is available in more than 60 languages.


Notifications alert the case manager immediately. Automated case routing, a virtual assistant and team collaboration features support case managers for enhanced efficiency.


Performance and team statistics, historical analytics and interactive heat maps are among the tools that provide you with an extensive overview and reports of your data, progress and performance.

Unique Features with Simple UI

iVoiceUp caters to companies of different sizes and in various fields. Whatever your issues, our software is agile enough to address them. Our highly customizable and easy to navigate platform makes it simple for informants to report and gives you full control over how you handle each case.

Our comprehensive case management system enables stakeholders to …
Safe and Secure
Your data is safe with us. At the heart of what we do is …
We have created a platform that can be customizable to …
Multiple channels and a two-way messaging system maximize …
Powered by Data
The data collected reveals critical insights and helps you …
iVoiceUp For Every Industry

Ameliorate your organization, meet your ESG goals,
Save time, cut financial losses protect your brand reputation with iVoiceUp
and much more ...

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Simplify, digitalize and standardize your incident reporting to act promptly in resolving any issue that may harm your brand and employees.


Is the data secure on iVoiceUp?
We are at bank-level security and are up-to-date with state of the art measures to protect our clients’ data from any potential breach (SSL, End-to-End Encryption, Throttling Mechanisms...etc.) Additionally, we incorporate various controls within iVoiceUp to protect the confidentiality of your data by avoiding accessible data trails. This includes but is not limited to Two Factor Authentication, Access Control Lists and Internal Restricted Access.
Why iVoiceUp and not an in-house developed solution?
iVoiceUp has a great role to support business and their stakeholders to manage their business efficiently using all the advanced and adaptive tools of such multipurpose platform.
How would iVoiceUp prevent fake cases if it's 100% anonymous?
iVoiceUp mitigates this risk through advanced technologies that automatically detect and block multiple cases being filled at the same time from the same reporter. Additionally, iVoiceUp prevents fake cases through demanding digital evidence, undergoing thorough anonymous investigations and co-marketing campaigns that highlight that no action shall be taken unless cases have been investigated and closed. Based on our clients’ feedback, we have successfully and significantly decreased the percentage of fake cases from 38% to 4%. Today, 96% of all reported cases are valuable and often critical to our partners.
How easy is iVoiceUp to use?
It is very easy to use. We designed the platform with the user experience in mind: it is intuitive, interactive and gives the user a birds-eye view of occurring incidents, complaints and suggestions. Every stakeholder within your organization will be able to navigate the platform comfortably. We ensure the best experience for both reporters and investigators with the least amount of steps, various channels, multiple devices access and +60 languages.