What is iVoiceUp?


iVoiceUp is a home-grown case management platform that automates the entire journey of an open case within your organization. iVoiceUp provides an internal platform for all your organization’s stakeholders to easily report incidents, file complaints, and make suggestions all on one platform.

iVoiceUp is used by huge conglomerates and enterprises across the Middle East to manage stakeholder affairs across various departments and locations, whether its an employee complaint about unfair treatment or a customer product suggestion, the platform helps your business uncover and assess a multitude of truths and information happening within and around your organization.

What is case management software anyway?

Case management software is any software that helps issues or ideas “cases” move toward a resolution more efficiently. Using powerful case management software, organizations can resolve problems faster, centralize all complaints and suggestions from all stakeholders and have a clear overview of areas of the business that need more attention. Moreover, with solid internal case management procedures in place, organizations can prevent bad publicity, improve compliance and promote stakeholder welfare.

Finding the right case management platforms and/or tools all depends on the nature of the business. The most typical factors businesses use to evaluate such software include, the size of the organization, industry/segment, and existing organizational governance.

“Powerful case management platforms and tools are built to serve specific industries and segments, the more tailored the solution is for the industry the more return on investment a business can expect to have.” Nada Hazem - Chief of Engineering at iVoiceUp

How can your retail or FMCG business use iVoiceUp?

FMCG businesses are home to multiple interconnected stakeholders that interact with the organization at multifarious touchpoints. Having a huge consumer base distributed across various geographical locations, myriads of diverse employees and countless suppliers will inevitably result in hundreds of issues arising on a day-to-day basis. Keeping all stakeholders happy at all times can often be one of the most difficult responsibilities of any organization. iVoiceUp makes case management less challenging both in the short-term and long-term making sure that all cases are dealt with carefully and efficiently in order to avoid any negative ripple effects from spanning out across your organization.

Interested in how iVoiceUp can help your FMCG, download this brochure or contact us here.

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