Staying quiet or going, grand! This is Why your Retail or FMCG Business Needs a Powerful Case Management Tool Today!

The nature of retail and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) businesses is both complex and dynamic. The number of stakeholders found in an organization in this domain is not only numerous but also diverse in nature.

Across the supply chain, you will find employees, suppliers, vendors, business customers, and consumers. Each one of these stakeholders comes across hundreds of ideas, stumbles upon tens of incidents, not to mention how many times they feel the urge to complain.

Many of these stakeholders either stay quiet or go grand! What does that even mean?

Think about these two examples:

Example 1 of ∞:

● Imagine that more than one employee feels they are receiving unfair treatment by their boss. This scenario has multiple conclusions that range from a little to a massive negative impact on the business.

The Cost of Staying Quiet

         - Impact Scenario 1 - High Turnover

Even staying quiet about this scenario could have a negative ripple effect on the organization. In fact its these “silent killer” diseases that infect an organization the most. A an issue like this can go unnoticed for months, even years. This issue could result in lots of people opting to leave their jobs, resulting in high turnover.

So? It doesn’t need an HR professional to tell you that high employee turnover hurts your bottom line. In fact, it is estimated that “the average cost of a lost team member is 38 percent of their annual salary”.

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The Cost of Going, Grand

        - Impact 2 - Social Media Scandal

This is an example we are all more familiar with, where the cost of something like this is not only a lot more obvious but it’s also a lot more immediate. If a disgruntled employee decides to lose it one day and expose company management on social media networks or anywhere else online, a business could be looking at huge online viral warfare.

        - Impact 3 - Strikes and Misconduct

The impact of strikes in this line of business is also a very obvious one. Employer and employee relationships are severed and as a result this can create chaos and havoc for short periods of time, however, it can also affect long-term profitability. In the past, businesses have suffered huge production and financial losses, which in turn has had a harmful effect on both consumer and investor confidence.

Example 2 of ∞:

● Imagine that a new consumer came across a product defect. This scenario has multiple conclusions that range from a little to a massive negative impact on the business.

Staying Quiet

        - Impact Scenario 1 - Quietly, Never Again

Due to the vast amount of choices out there, consumers are no longer empathetic towards brands and will silently and subconsciously switch to an alternative or competitor product should they be faced with a product defect. Your business could be losing potential consumers on a daily basis equating to thousands of dollars in lost revenues.

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Going, Grand

        - Impact 2 - Social Media Scandal, Never AGAIN!

Social media scandals have become everyday news now. Whilst these can be extremely entertaining for social audiences, they aren’t as pleasant for the organizations undergoing these fiascos. One consumer giving out a negative shoutout about your product can have a detrimental effect on not only that one particular product but across your entire brand. Whatsmore, some consumers will make it their dying wish to make sure that no one in their circle ever consumes a single product from your brand again.

“86% of people will hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative online reviews”. Source: Vendasta. (2019).

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