Moderating & Resolving Academic Misconduct with iVoiceUp


What constitutes academic misconduct?

Academic misconduct includes plagiarism, nepotism, corrupt recruitment and admission, cheating in exams, bullying, biased grading, and even bribery.

How can powerful case management support institutions moderate and resolve academic misconduct?

Using powerful case management platforms can help institutions identify, categorize and resolve all stakeholder cases quickly and quietly while maintaining full transparency for all top management.

Inside academic institutions different departments are responsible for the welfare of every stakeholder, centralizing the mechanism of filing complaints or reporting incidents can streamline the case resolution process as well as provide a clearer view on why conflict arises in the first place.

For example, a student that has been involved in several bullying cases can be in need of special support. By using centralized technology-based tools and powerful case management software, institutions can leverage copious amounts of data instantly, allowing them to not only resolve conflict and misconduct faster but also to uncover reasons for recurring incidents or behavior to be able to offer more long-term corrective solutions.

Academic misconduct is usually more aggressively tackled from the student side. When infact academic misconduct can occur across the entire organization. Take another example, assume a student feels they have been awarded unfair grades by a particular teacher; because in the past many students have created strife to change very fair grades, educators and people responsible tend to discount these encounters and set rules that encourage students not to “bug” their teachers about grades.

Unfortunately, sometimes teachers’ grading practices are inequitable and the shyer students who are afraid to voice up their concerns end up getting an unfair grade or two.

iVoiceUp can help your institution avoid these fatal errors and better manage academic misconduct. For more information download the brochure here or if you’re interested in building healthier learning ecosystems now, contact us here.

Why is iVoiceUp a suitable option for the education sector and academic institutions?

A violated student, concerned professors or a disgruntled parent or member of staff can have a disruptive effect on the learning environment if left unattended.

From cases as severe as bullying and health and safety to students complaining about the food in the cafeteria, iVoiceUp can support institutions in the education sector actively listen and resolve issues more efficiently and internally. iVoiceup is a modern, user-friendly case management platform that enables all stakeholders within an institution to report incidents, file complaints and make suggestions anonymously with a click of a button.

By providing stakeholders with an easy online platform accessible from anywhere at any time academic institutions can help build a safe and healthy learning environment, making teachers, parents, and students feel heard. On the other hand, it allows institutions to monitor the things that really matter more easily and resolve problems more efficiently avoiding any major impact on the school or institution’s being.

Interested to implement iVoiceUp at your school? Contact us here.

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